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Winterization of  Plumbing Systems

In cold climates, properties are vulnerable to costly and serious damages from frozen and burst water lines. PHS Winterizes all plumbing fixtures, inside and outside a home, including sinks and toilets, outdoor spigots, and dry, steam and radiant heat systems. 

Basic Winterizing proccedures:

  •  Drain all water lines 
  • Use air compressors to assure that all water is blown out of the lines
  • Drain hot water tanks
  • Pressure-test the system for possible leaks
  • Inform client as to any plumbing system damages and estimate repairs per request
  • Toilets are cleaned and flushed, and antifreeze is added to bowls and tanks. 
  • Antifreeze is poured into sink drains and traps. 
  • Stickers are applied to all winterized fixtures noting the date of winterization, providing contact information, and advising that the fixtures cannot function without a proper de-winterization. 
  • Winterized Notice Signs posted on front windows/ doors per clients requirements
  • Photos provided of all proceedures provided above
  • Photos provided of damages found, concernes or approved repairs made  
  • Winterize Report completed and Signed by the contractor providing the winterizing